ERISA treats anyone who has discretionary authority or control over the Plan’s assets or administration as a fiduciary.  This  may include the Plan Trustees, Plan Committee, and Officers or Board Members of the Company.  Many individuals have become fiduciaries without their intent or knowledge.  EPIC recognizes and addresses the concerns of Plan fiduciaries.  These concerns are addressed in a manner that is most appropriate for the fiduciary.  Simply put, our services and recommendations are offered in an unbiased nature and include:

  • Due Diligence: Unless your investment consultant acknowledges their fiduciary status and provides quantifiable documented verification based upon proven established methodology, you as the Plan Sponsor may be taking on more responsibility and liability than desired.
  • Complete Independence & Objectivity:  EPIC was founded with the belief that Plan Sponsors must receive totally independent, unbiased, proactive advice.  We also believe that these components should be customized for the Plan Sponsor.  Our services supplement those of the provider and as 401k/pension specialists we are not seeking lines of business outside of the 401k or pension Plan arena.
  • ERISA Fiduciary:   EPIC acknowledges that for each and every service enumerated hereunder with regard to investments in advisory relationships it will operate in a fiduciary capacity under ERISA Section 3(21)(a) subject to all fiduciary guidelines in this regard. In addition, under the provisions of ERISA the Plan Sponsor may appoint a 3(38) investment manager to manage Plan assets and accept the fiduciary responsibility for the investment options offered to Plan Participants. As such, the Plan Sponsor is delegating significant responsibility and liability for selecting and monitoring of the investment options. EPIC is proud to say that both of its founders – Eva Kalivas and Jeff Greenberg – are recognized as ERISA 3(38) investment managers.
  • Written Acknowledgment of Fiduciary Status:  EPIC Retirement Services Consulting will always acknowledge in writing that we act in a fiduciary capacity  with regard to investments in advisory relationships.  We work for you, the Plan Sponsor, and not for your Provider.  Our services are in no way conditioned upon your changing Providers. EPIC’s involvement has the potential to significantly reduce our clients' liability.