Participant websites address, incentives, automatic enrollment, QDIA and automatic contribution increases.  There is no question that 401k Plan Participants have more tools than ever to try and help them Plan for retirement. Our education services are geared towards employee satisfaction.

How effective are these tools if Participants cannot speak to an independent 401k consultant?

EPIC's greatest strength is its hands-on involvement with 401k Participants. Not only do we deliver group training, but we provide one-on-one communication with Participants – face-to-face, by phone or by email, and unlike the Plan Sponsor, we can and do provide individual guidance. EPIC offers:

  • On-site enrollment/educational meetings, including one-on-one counseling and individual asset allocation guidance
  • Participant Call-In Center so that Plan Participants may review their 401k Plan options with EPIC representatives, all of whom are duly registered with FINRA.
  • Quarterly Participant Newsletters.
  • Education to employees on the tax and savings advantages of a 401k Plan, including illustrations to help employees understand the importance of saving for retirement, the importance of starting early and specific data on the investment options offered through the Plan.
  • Communications can be customized at the Participant level, including bilingual materials.

EPIC’s independence and services enhance the current education offered through the Plan Provider. These services are offered in conjunction with the Plan Provider. Representatives from the Provider and/or individual Investment Providers remain available to supplement communication and education.